Data si ora


Ce ora este – what time is it

Cat este ceasul, va rog – what’s the time, please

Imi puteti spune ora exacta? – can you tell me the correct time?

Este atat de devreme/tarziu – it is so early/late?

Este ora 12 fix – it’s twelve o’clock sharp

Este ora doi fara zece – it is ten minutes past two

Este trei si un sfert – it is quarter past three

Este trei fara douazeci – it is twenty minutes to three

Este trei fara un sfert – it is a quarter to three

Este trei fara 6 minute – it is six minutes to three

Ceasul meu arata ora 5 si 2 minute- my watch says two minutes past five

Ceasul meu nu merge bine – my watch does not work properly

O jumatate de ora – half hour

Un sfert de ora – a quarter of an hour

De la 8 la 10 – from eight to ten

Pana la ora … – until…o’clock

Peste o jumatate de ora / un sfert de ora – in a half hour / in a quarter of an hour

Nu mai tarziu de ora… – no later tha…o’clock

Inainte de pranz – AM – ante meridiem (before noon)

Dupa pranz – PM- post meridiem (after noon)




Suntem in anul 2010 – we are in two thousand and ten / twenty ten

Astazi/ maine/ poimaine – today, tomorrow, the day after, tomorrow

Ieri/ alaltaieri – yesterday/ the day before yesterday

La inceputul / sfarsitul lunii – at the beginning/ end of the month

Ce zi e astazi – what day is today?

Ce data este astazi – what is the date today

In cat suntem astazi – what day of the month is it today

Suntem in 2 aprilie – today is the 2nd (second) of April

Suntem in 1 mai – today is 1st  (first) of may

Suntem in 23 martie – today is 23rd (twenty third) of March

Acum cateva zile – a few days ago

Azi dimineata/dupa amiaza- this morning/afternoon